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20-29 lvl
30-39 lvl
40-49 lvl
50-59 lvl
60-69 lvl
70-79 lvl
80-85 lvl

Lineage 2 map. Lineage 2 Raid Boss 60-69 lvl.

Lineage 2 map. Lineage 2 Raid Boss map
The 3rd Underwater Guardian
Level: 60
Level: 65
Bloody Priest Rudelto
Level: 69
Ghost of the Well Lidia
Level: 60
Fierce Tiger King Angel
Level: 65
Guardian of the Statue of Giant Karum
Level: 60
Roaring Lord Kastor
Level: 62
Spirit of Andras the Betrayer
Level: 69
Ancient Weird Drake
Level: 60
Gargoyle Lord Tiphon
Level: 65
Taik High Prefect Arak
Level: 60
Kernons Faithful Servant Kelone
Level: 67
Demons Agent Falston
Level: 66
Lord Ishka
Level: 60
Fairy Queen Timiniel
Level: 61
Enmity Ghost Ramdal
Level: 65
Shilens Priest Hisilrome
Level: 65