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Forgotten Scrolls complete list

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by Remix, Dec 7, 2018.

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    Forgotten Scrolls and Amulets level 70 - 76

    Improve Critical Attack
    Improve Magic
    Chant of Blood Awakening
    Combat of Pa'agrio

    Found in Catacomb of Dark Omens, Crypt Preacher (72).

    Improve Movement
    Improve Condition
    Chant of Critical Attack
    Condition of Pa'agrio

    Drops from Soldier of Ancient Times (73) in Silent Valley area.

    Improve Shield Defense
    Improve Combat
    Chant of Movement
    Chant of Combat

    Found in Catacomb of the Witch, Crypt Guard (70).

    Evasion Haste
    Evasion Counter

    Drop from Warrior of Ancient Times (75) if Silent Valley area.

    Evasion Chance
    Shadow Step

    Drops from Shaman of Ancient Times (75) in Silent Valley area.

    Song of Windstorm
    Drops from Kleopora (80) on Island of Prayer.

    Dance of Bladestorm
    Drops from Seychelles (81) on Island of Prayer.

    Forgotten Scrolls level 81 - 83

    Archer's will
    Fighter's will
    Magician's will

    These books drop from the Tiat and Beleth raids, they can also be found at the Auctioneers randomly.

    Protection of Elemental
    This book also drops from the Tiat and Beleth raids.

    Protection of Rune
    Protection of Alignment

    Two of the hardest to come by books, you can choose these from the Freya quest or find them at the Auctioneers.

    Expose Weak Point
    Silent Mind
    Sixth Sense
    Seven Arrow
    Star Fall
    Servitor Barrier

    These books are found at the dwarf NPC Shadai in Hellbound, for 259 Ancient Tome of the Demon and 12,000,000 adena.

    Enlightenment - Wizard
    Final Secret
    Excessive Loyalty

    These books are obtained from the Gracia instance Seed of Infinity as a random reward, they can also be found in the Stakato Nest quest Only What Remains.

    Anti-Magic Armor
    Enlightenment - Healer

    Random reward from Seed of Infinity instance.

    Deflect Magic
    Turn Stone
    Dual Dagger Mastery
    Mutual Response

    These books can be found from the quest How to Oppose Evil at the Keucereus Base in Gracia.

    Olympiad Forgotten Scrolls
    Level 83 class specific books are obtained from participating in Olympiad. You are unable to trade these books or buy them from other players. They can be bought with Tokens and Fame points.