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    Lineage 2 Dictionary

    AA: Ancient Adena.
    Acu: Acumen
    Aggressive: Hostile, aggressive monsters will attack you if You'll come too close to them.
    Agro: Aggressive
    AOE:Area of Effect.
    Asap: As soon as possible.
    Aka: Also known as.
    AL:Arcana Lord (also used for AL = Antharas Lair)
    Afk: Away from keyboard.
    Afaik: As far as I Know.
    ASL: Age/Sex/Location or Living (it's the same).
    Ae: Area Effect.
    aSS: A-grade souls shots.
    Abuse: misuse of surface conditions in order to kill mobs or other players. (illegal).
    Alliance: grouping of clans in order to capture castles, fight enemies etc...
    AM:Arcana Mace
    Accuracy: Accuracy determines your ability to actually hit a target with a weapon.
    AN: Ant Nest.
    AC: Abandoned Camp.
    ACME: Abandoned Coal Mines
    AIO: All In One [All in one shop; All in one buffer ; etecera]
    AW: Abyss Walker.
    Ava: Avadon
    AoBA: Art of Battle Axe.
    ATM: At the moment.

    b/c: because
    Boss Jewels = Referring to the jewellery pieces: Antharas' Earring, Zakken's Earring, Necklace of Valakas and Ring of Baium
    bb-bye bye
    Buffs: Spells that increase the charcter's attributes (improve his abilities temporarily) and make him stronger (Might, shield etc...).
    Buffer: A player who is dedicated to improve the attributes of its companions (Prophet, Bishop, Oracle etc...).
    Brb: Be right back.
    Brt: Be right there.
    Btw: By the way.
    Bm: Bad manner.
    Bs: Back stab.
    Bs: Can also mean bull sh*t
    Bbl: Be back later.
    B4: Before
    Bro: Brother, mate.
    Blessed Spirit shots: special shots used by magicians, it increases the power of the spells significantly. non-grade blessed spirit shots can be bought on starter towns, other grades of blessed spiritshots can be made by artisan/warsmith dwarfs with the appropriate level and recipe. (normal spirit shots are the same but less stronger and less common).
    bSS: B-grade souls shots, can also mean Blessed Spirit Shots.
    BSSng: Blessed Spirit shots no-grade.
    BSSd: Blessed Spirit shots D-grade.
    BSSc: Blessed Spirit shots C-grade.
    BSSb: Blessed Spirit shots B-grade.
    BSSa: Blessed Spirit shots A-grade.
    BSSs: Blessed Spirit shots S-grade.
    Brig: Brigadine Armor.
    BD: Bladedancer.
    BH: Bounty Hunter.
    BW: Blue Wolf.
    BF: BoyFriend.
    BO: Black ore, ring/earring/necklace of BO.
    BO: Can also mean Bloody Orchid (dagger A).
    BOG: Book of Giants
    BoP: Bow of Peril.
    b2m: body to mind spell.
    BSoE: Blessed Scroll of Escape.
    BSoR : Blessed Scroll of Resurrection.
    BTB: Bless the Body.
    BTS: Bless the Soul.
    BEA(grade)-Blessed enchant armor (the grade of the item you are speaking)
    BEW(grade)-Blessed enchant weapon (the grade of the item you are speaking)

    cata: catacombs.
    Caster: A character or class which cast 'bad magic' which will damage or de-buff the Opponent.
    CE/ c/e: Crittical Error.
    Cya: see you soon.
    Cu: See you.
    Critical Hit: attacks that inflict much higher damage than normal.
    CL: Clan leader.
    CH:Clan Hall.
    CWH: Clan Warehouse
    Craft: Create items with special skill (only dwarfs can create items from recipes - artisan and warsmiths, the spoiler dwarfs have only create item level 1)
    Create item level: Skill level of creating an item (between 1-8), higher skill level, better recipes can be used.
    Clan: group related by common interests or characteristics. Similar a guild.
    Crystals: Crystals usually needed for buying certain items and summoning pets. crystals also have grades (d,c,b,a and s). only artisan/warsmith dwarfs with the appropriate level can get them by breaking items, c items can be break into c crystals etc...
    cSS: C-grade souls shots.
    CON: Constitution effects a characters HP and P.Def.
    Critical: Critical represents your chance to land a critical blow with a weapon.
    CT: Cruma Tower.
    Comp: Composite Armor.
    Cot: Cave Of Trials
    Cbp: Coarse bone powder.
    CL: Crafted Leather / Clan Leader
    Cuz: Because.

    DC" Robe/Light/Heavy:Dark Crystall Robe/Light/Heavy
    d/c / dc : Disconnect
    Dd: Direct Damage.
    Dot: Damage Over Time (type of magic or attacks that inflicts small a-beep-ts of damage each X seconds like bleed, poisen etc...).
    Dps: Damage Per Second
    Drop: Objects that mobs drop after they are being killed (money, items, materials and parts).
    Drop Ratio: It is used to indicate the possibilities and the chance to get a certain object from a monster when he dies. The rarest objects have a low Drop Ratio.
    dSS: D-grade souls shots.
    dlvl: Delevel [ usually used when you are pk or you're killed from a mob and you lose exp that turn you back 1 level down].
    dmg: Damage.
    dk: don't know
    De-buffer = A character or class which cast 'bad-magic' which does the opposite of a Buffer.
    DEX: Dexterity effects a characters P.Aspd and their Accuracy.
    DE: Dark Elf .
    DA: Dark Avenger.
    DD: Damage Dealer (fighter class basically).
    DP: Death Pass.
    DPS: Damage Per Second. [ The a-beep-t of damage someone does to you every 1 second]
    DI: Devil's Isle.
    DV: Dragon Valley.
    DVC: Dragon Valley Caves.
    DELB: Dark Elven Long Bow.
    DW: Death Whisper.

    ET:Eva’s Templar
    ETA: Estimed Time Arrival.
    Evasion: Evasion determines how well you can avoid physical attacks.
    EXP: experience.
    EE: Elven Elder.
    Emi: Eminence bow.
    ELS: Elven long sword.
    Emp: Empower.

    Faction: A side which a player is belong to.
    FM: Full Mana (magical energy to the maximum).
    FG: Forbidden gateway.
    FP: Full Plate Armor.
    FoM: Forrest of Mirrors.
    FT: Forgotten Temple.
    FTW: For The Win.
    FoS: Field of Silence.
    FoW: Field of Whispers.
    Fo: fu** off.
    FFs: For fu**ing sake.
    Flagged/Flag: Player is purple due to attacking another player.
    Frag: When you kill a player in pvp combat you've obtained a pvp point aka frag.

    Gank: A group of players hunting down 1 person.
    GB: gold bar [used in servers where the custom items are buyable only with golb bars].
    Gtg/g2g: Got to go.
    gtfo: go to f*** off.
    Gg: Good game.
    Gj: Good job.
    Gl: Good luck.
    Gn: Good night.
    Gr8: Great.
    gratz: Congratulations.
    GM: Game Master, helps the administer to enforce the game's rules on the server, to solve problems or to do technical support within the game.
    Grats: Congratulations.
    gr8: great
    Grind / grinding: Players that dedicate themselves to kill many mobs in order to raise their level and to obtain maximum XP as possible in just a short time.
    Guild: An organization within the game. Similar a Clan.
    Grade: All items are divided into grades (on items higher than no-grade, you can see its grade on it). first grade is no-grade (simple items, every one can use them), second grade is D-grade (you need to be level 20+ in order to be able to use it), other grades are C-grade(for 40+ players), B grade (for 52+ players), A grade (for 60+ players) and S grade (for 67+ players).
    GC: Giants cave.
    GK: Gate Keeper (NPC that teleports).
    GG: gamegaurd.
    gf:go f*ck
    gs: great/good spoil.
    Gz: gratz which also means congratulations.
    GF: GirlFriend/Good Fight (usually used during a pvp combat)
    GL: good luck.

    Homu: Homunuculus Sword
    HB : Happy Birthday
    HNY: Happy New Year
    Hf: Have fun.
    Healer: Player who has a dedicated role to cure and to protect his companions (Bishop, Elven Elder etc...).
    HoT: Heal over Time. It's a type of magic that, unlike Dot, cures some a-beep-t of hp each X seconds.
    HP: Health Points, the life points that the characters have (Hit Points are a reflection of your character's total health).
    HE: Hawkeye.

    IC: Imperial Crusader / used for the armor Imperial Crusader Armor.
    IC/IK : I know; I see
    Idk: I don't know
    IMBA: players that have experience controlling the char/IMBALANCED also used.
    Imho: Is/n my humble opinion.
    Imo: Is/n my opinion.
    Irl: In real life.
    Inv/Invite: To add. usually when someone invites somebody to the party or clan.
    Inv to: Invite to clan/party
    INT: Intelligence effects a characters M.Atk.
    IT: Ivory Tower.
    IT: can be used for Imperial Tomb too.

    J/k: Just Kidding

    Ks: Kill Stealer (thief of deaths). Used term when somebody kills another player's monsters and rob his experience by doing that.
    Kos: Kill on sight (to kill when seeing). Used term when mob can kill with single touching.
    K/KK: OK.

    l8r: later
    Lag: slowness, lateness, delay, lingering, lapse resulting from slow response time between two computers.
    Lfg: Looking for group.
    Lft: Looking for team
    Lfp: Looking for party
    Lfm: Looking for members.
    Loot: spoil, booty that can be obtained from monsters when killing them (scavengers and bounty hunters are the only spoiler characters, both are dwarfs).
    Lol: Lots of laughs. Laugh out loud.
    Los: Line of sight.
    ls: Life Stone
    LMAO: Laughin My Ass Off, with this we mean that we are dying of laughter.
    Load: Load represents how much weight you can carry at one time.
    LE: Light Elf

    m8: mate
    Mob: It is the general term to call to any being of a game that is not a player or npc (usually monsters).
    M8: Mate.
    MP/Mana: The element that is used and consumed to send spells and use skills. magic points that a character have (Mana Points determine how much mana you have to use skills and cast spells).
    Mt: miss tell. when you say Mt, you indicate that you have been mistaken about something you said before.
    Materials/Mats: materials of item (can be animal skin, bones, coal etc...), artisan/warsmith dwarfs can make special items with them.
    MEN: Mentality effects a characters MP and their M.Def.
    M.ATK: Magical Attack determines how much damage you can do with spells and magic.
    M.DEF: Magical Defense represents your ability to absorb magic damage.
    M.Aspd: Magical Attack Speed determines how quickly you are able to cast spells.
    Movement: Movement determines how fast your character can run or walk.
    Macro: Series of commands or keystrokes which may be run like a program, it enables you to run some commands with one macro button (for example, you can make many buffs with one macro button).
    Manti: Manticore Skin Armor.
    MG: Mold Glue.
    ML: Mold Lubricant.
    MH: Mold Hardener.

    nd: nice drop
    nerf : Nerf or to nerf a class means to lower the stats in order to balance it
    n/c:no comment.
    Np: No problem.
    NPC: Non playing character
    NM Robe/Light/Heavy:Nightmare Robe/Light/Heavy
    nn: No need
    nvm: nevermind
    Ns: Nice shot
    n/s: no shit used as ironic answer to something obvious.
    Npc: Non player character (usually non-player characters that you can talk with).
    N1: Nice one.
    Noob: Newbie. new players, new on business.(new or low level player).
    Ninja Looting: robbing drops and loot from players who have killed mobs, without helping them to obtain it.
    ngSS: no-grade souls shots

    OED: OverEnchanted.
    Omg: Oh My God, (surprise expression).
    Omw: On My Way, it means that you are on your way.
    oly: Olympiad Games
    Oom: Out of Mana, it means that we have remained without mana
    Oor: Out of Range, this means that we are outside the attacking range because the target is too far.
    OOP:eek:ut of the party
    OP: OverPowered.
    OFC/OFK: Of course.
    OH: Over Hit. attacks that inflict higher damage than necessary in order to kill the mob.
    Ori: Orihakrun Ore.
    OB: Orc Barracks.
    omfg: oh my fu**ing god.

    Pet: being either animal, magician or a machine that serves his master. a pet can be summoned through skill or special item that can be achieved through quest or can be bought from other players.
    Pic: Picture.
    Puller: Player who attracts the monsters or enemies towards the position of his group (makes a "train")
    Pull: Monster or enemy that has been brought to the group by puller.
    Pvp: Player versus player. combat between players. use ctrl key to force attack on a player.
    Pve: Player versus environment. Used to define the combat against mobs.
    Pk: Player killer, (player who kills other players).
    Party: group of players.
    PT [me]: Party [pt me = party me]
    pts: a question for points(example at olympiad)
    pof: Prophency of wind/water
    pof: Prohpency of fire
    Pp: Party Please, want to be invited to a party.
    Pvm: Player vs Mob. combat player vs mobs.
    Parts: Parts of item (can be blades, helmet design etc...), artisan/warsmith dwarfs can make special items with them.
    Pm: Private message, a message from a player to another player (implemented by: "nickname).
    Pots/Potions: potions (can be healing potions - restores some of the character's HP, mana potions - restores some of the character's MP, haste potions - Increases Movement speed, alectrity potions - Increases Attack speed etc...)
    P.ATK: Physical Attack determines how much physical damage you can do.
    P.DEF: Physical Defense represents your ability to take damage.
    P.Aspd: Physical Attack Speed determines how fast you can swing or fire your weapon.
    PR: Phantom Ranger.
    Pls/Plz: Please.
    PPl: people.
    PTS:public Test Server

    QA or AQ : Queen Ant
    QHP: quick healing potion.
    QQ: /cry - Expresion of sadness.

    r6: Rush.
    RB: Raid Boss.
    Rofl: Rolling on the floor laughing.
    Roflmao: Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off.
    Rare drop: objects with a very low chance to be dropped.
    Respawn: Time that takes to a mob or npc to reappear again.
    Rtm: Read the manual.
    Roger that: the message have been received.
    rgr: regroup usually used on siege battles or clan wars OR events.
    Rl: Real life.
    Raid: Great and organized grouping of players whom aim is to attack a position or to obtain an object.
    Rez/Res: Apply to revive a dead player (can be done by a resurrection scroll or special skill)
    Root: It is a type of spell that is used to immobilize the objective during a time determined by the level of the spell.(the target can't walk)
    Recipes: Recipes are needed for items crafting (armor, weapons, shots etc...), only dwarfs can read them and artisan/warsmith dwarfs can craft them (with the appropriate skill level, materials and parts).
    RR: Restart.
    RoD: Ruins of Despair.
    RoA: Ruins of Agony.
    Rec: recommend this person (rate them)

    S1: Someone
    SoM:Sword of Miracles
    Spawn: Zone of appearance of the mobs/npcs in the game.
    Summon: request the presence of...(a pet usually)
    Summoned: Any being or object invoked by a player.
    Stealth: furtive or clandestine movement, sneakiness ,Ability of players to put themselves invisible and to pass while other players or monsters dont notice it.
    Self buff: This type of buff (or spell to improve our abilities temporarily), will only be applicable to the player who sends it.
    Soz: Sorry
    Sry: Sorry
    Smth: Something
    Skills: Special abilities of a character. can be improved, and new skills can be added at higher levels.
    Spell: combination of words used as a magical charm, incantation.(impossible to use spells under silence)
    Stun: ability that causes paralyzing or stuning to the objective during a short time. (unlike root, the target can do nothing at this time)
    Support: help companions to fight mobs or enemy players.
    Soe: Scroll Of Escape. this scroll can be bought in grocery/magic shops and teleports the user to the nearest village (soe clan hall teleports to clan hall if the player's clan has clan hall , soe castle teleports to castle if the player's clan owns a castle).
    Soul shots/SS: special shots used by fighters, it increases the power of the attacks significantly. non-grade soul shots can be bought on starter towns, other grades of soulshots can be made by artisan/warsmith dwarfs with the appropriate level and recipe.
    Spirit shots: special shots used by magicians, it increases the power of the spells significantly. non-grade spirit shots can be bought on starter towns, other grades of spiritshots can be made by artisan/warsmith dwarfs with the appropriate level and recipe. (Blessed spirit shots are the same but more stronger and much more common).
    Spoil: Loot, booty that can be obtained from monsters when killing them, it's in addition to the normal drops (scavengers and bounty hunters are the only spoiler characters, both are dwarfs).spoil skill must be accomplished before killing the mob and you need to get "spoil condition activated". monsters must be swept after death in order to obtain the loot.
    Sweep: In order to obtain the spoil, the monster must be swept after death and before vanishing.
    Set: collection of clothing that gives the wearer a certain bonus, usually includes helmet + boots + gloves + upper and lower body armor, sometimes also a shield (doom set, blue wolf set etc...).
    SSng: souls shots no-grade.
    SSd: souls shots D-grade.
    SSc: souls shots C-grade.
    SSb: souls shots B-grade.
    SSa: souls shots A-grade.
    SSs: souls shots S-grade.
    STR: Strength effects a characters P.Atk and their Load.
    SB: Spell Book.
    SE: Shillien Elder.
    SK: Shillien Knight.
    SH: Spell Howler.
    SE: Shillien Elder.
    SR: Silver Ranger.
    SOP: Stone of Purity.
    SOAB: Son of a B**ch.
    SL: Social life.
    SLS: Samurai Longsword.
    Skin: Animal Skins
    SA: Special Ability
    SoR: Sword of Revolution or Sword of Reflection.
    SoS: Sword of Solidarity.
    SoE:Scroll Of Escape
    SoD: Sword of Damascus or Sword of Delusion.
    stfu: Shut the fu** up.
    SLB: Strenghtened Long Bow.
    SwS: SwordSinger.
    SpS: SpellSinger. can also be SpiritShot.
    SoDA: School of Dark Arts.

    Tank: Player with high diffence (and usually heavy armor) that allows him to recieve most of the party's damage from the mobs.
    TGLS : Top Grade Life Stone
    Thx: Thanks.
    Ty: Thank you.
    Taunt: Type of ability that serves to attract the attention of the mobs, so that the beasts attack the person who has used the ability "taunt".
    Trade: making deals with other players or npc's
    Tradeskills: Abilities that allow players to be able to create objects, armors, arms (among other things) and make business with it.
    Train: Player who attracts the monsters or enemies towards the position of his group makes a "train".
    TH: Treasure Hunter.
    TK: Temple Knight.
    ToI: Tower of Insolence.
    TS: teamspeak (voice conferencing software).

    Ubber: Used term to express that something or somebody is superior.
    UD: Ultimate Defense.
    UE: Ultimate Evasion.

    VoP: Varnish of Purity.
    Vr: Vampiric rage.
    y.o:years old

    w8: wait
    w/e: whatever.
    w/o: without
    Wtb: Want to buy.
    Wts: Want to sell.
    Wtt: Want to trade.
    Wth: What the hell (that demons, expression of perplexity).
    Wtf: What the f*ck.
    Wb: Welcome back.
    Wh: Warehouse
    W8: Wait
    WW: Wind Walk (buff that increases movement speed of the target).
    WIT: Wit effects a characters M.Aspd.
    Wipe: Wipe means deletion of all characters/items in game so the server starts from 0.
    WS: War Smith.
    WC: Water Closet (bathroom, washroom), can also mean WarCryer.
    WRU: where are you.
    w00t: used as an exclamation that something good happened, from old-style RPG term "wow loot".
    WB: welcome back.
    WP: wrong person (in chat).
    WTH: What the hell

    XD: Used expression to symbolize that we are leaving ourselves from laughter.

    yo - hello waz up
    y /y? - yes / Why

    Zerg/Zerk: People usually unskilled, but in large a-beep-t, what makes them imbalancelly strong.
    Zerk: Also a shortcut of the name Berserker Spirit a Buff that Propet class has.
    zzzz..: Sleeping.
    Zub: Zubei.

    7s: Seven Sings
    4s: Four Sepulchers

    o_O - whaaa?
    ^^ - happy
    >.< - angry or frustrated
    T.T - crying
    -_- - angry again
    :S - confused
    QQ -crying

    Numbers equal to characters
    4-A, for
    3-E, free
    1-L, I

    Classes Dictionary
    GL/Glad: Gladiator
    WL: Warlord
    Pal/PA: Paladin
    DA: Dark Avenger
    TH: Treasure Hunter
    HE: Haweye
    SS: Sorcerer
    Necro: Necromancer
    WK: Warlok
    BP: Bishop
    PP: Prophet

    TK: Temple Knight
    SwS: Swordsinger
    PW: Plains Walker
    SR: Silver Ranger
    ES: Elementar Summoner
    SpS: Spell Singer
    EE: Elven Elder

    SK: Shillien Knight
    BD: Blade Dancer
    AW: Abyss Walker
    PR: Phantom Ranger
    SH: Spell Howler
    SE: Shillien Elder
    PS: Phantom Summoner

    BH: Bounty Hunter
    WS: Warsmiths

    OL: Overlord
    WC: WarCryer
    TY: Tyrant
    DE: Destro