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From Lv. 1 to 85 Best Lineage 2 Leveling Guide for newbies

Discussion in 'Lineage 2 Guides' started by Kel'Thuzad, May 19, 2018.

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    Leveling Guide for newbies from level 1 to 85
    Lineage 2 - Chronicle: Freya


    So, you've just started Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya 15x server ... Leveling up also adds a good amount of EXP and SP to pave your way in areas worth the time farming.

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    Lv. 1-20

    Near village, Talking Island Northern Territory, Elven Forest, Fellmere Lake, Cave of Trials, Kamael Stronghold III, outside Dion Town, outside Talking Island, Mimirs Forest, Abandoned Coal Mines

    Lv. 20-30
    Abandoned Camp, Plains of Dion, Dion Hills, outside Cruma Tower, Windawood Manor, Ruins of Despair, Forgotten Temple, Wasteland, Grave Robber Hideout, Necropolis of Sacrifice, Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)

    Lv. 30-40
    Bee Hive, Cruma Marshlands, Execution Grounds, The Ant Nest, Sky Wagon Relic, Death Pass, Plunderous Plains, Brekas Stronghold, Catacomb of the Heretic, The Pilgrims Necropolis, Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)

    Lv. 40-50
    Sea of Spores, Alligator Island, Plains of Glory, Forest of Mirrors, Tanor Canyon, Outlaw Forest, Catacomb of the Branded, Necropolis of Worship, Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)

    Lv. 50-60
    Cemetery, Fields of Massacre (FoM), Forsaken Plains, Cruma Tower 2nd Floor, The Enchanted Valley, Frozen Labyrinth, Dragon Valley, Catacomb of the Apostate, The Patriots Necropolis, Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)

    Lv. 60-70
    Forest of the Dead, The Forbidden Gateway, Devils Pass, Valley of Saints, Swamp of Screams, Antharas's Lair, Catacomb of the Witch, Necropolis of Devotion, Necropolis of Martyrdom, Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss)

    Lv. 70-80
    Deep in Wall of Argos (WoA), Ketra Orc Outpost/Varka Silenos Barracks, Blazing Swamp, Imperial Tomb (IT), Primeval Plains, Lost Nest, Hidden Oasis, Forge of the Gods (FoG), Pavel Ruins, Hot Springs, Silent Valley, Isle of Prayer, The Disciples Necropolis, The Saints Necropolis, Catacomb of Dark Omens, Catacomb of the Forbidden Path, Tower of Insolence (ToI), The Pagan Temple, Hellbound (HB)

    Lv. 80-82
    Give up for soloing and find a good party for Primeval Isle/Four Sepulchers
    For solo: Monastery of Silence (MoS), Beast Farm (BF), Plains of Lizardmen (PoL), Sell Mahum Training Grounds, Mithril Mines, Crypts of Disgrace, Den of Evil, Chromatic Highlands

    Lv. 82-84
    For solo: Stakato Nest, Monastery of Silence (MoS) 2nd Floor.
    For Party: Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss) at Rune, Seed of Infiinity (SoI), Seed of Destruction (SoD)

    Lv. 85+
    For solo: Field of Silence (FoS), Field of Whispers (FoW)
    For Party: Seed of Annihilation (SoA)

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