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Crafting Breakdown Lineage 2

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by Remix, Feb 22, 2018.

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    For Dwarves Lv 1-70
    Crafting Breakdown
    Level 01: Craft 1. These are the most basic of all crafts.
    Level 20: Craft 2. More Basic Material crafts, also D Grade Shots
    Level 28: Craft 3. More Basic Material crafts.
    Level 36: Craft 4. Introduction of D Grade Armor/Weapons. C Grade Shots
    Level 43: Craft 5. More Material crafts
    Level 49: Craft 6. C Grade Armor/Weapons. B Grade Shots
    Level 55: Craft 7. B Grade Armor/Weapons. A Grade Shots
    Level 62: Craft 8. A Grade Armor/Weapons. S Grade Shots
    Level 70: Craft 9. S Grade Armor/Weapons​

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