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Freya New Weapons & Armor

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by L2S, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Thirty-two new weapons from S84 High Grade and S84 Highest Grade:
    One-Handed Sword: Periel Sword / Eternal Core Sword

    One-Handed Magic Sword: Veniplant Sword / Archangel Sword
    Two-Handed Sword: Feather Eye Blade / Lava Saw
    One-Handed Blunt: Vigwik Axe / Eversor Mace
    One-Handed Magic Blunt: Rising Star / Sacredium
    Two-Handed Blunt: Devilish Maul / Contristo Hammer
    Two-Handed Magic Blunt: Blackvisage / Cyclic Cane
    Dagger: Skull Edge / Mamba Edge
    Spear: Doubletop Spear / Demitelum
    Bow Skull: Carnium Bow / Recurve Thorne Bow
    Fist: Octo Claw / Jade Claw
    Rapier: Gemtail Rapier / Heavenstare Rapier
    Ancient Sword: Finale Blade / Pyseal Blade
    Crossbow: Dominion Crossbow / Thorne Crossbow
    Dualsword: Periel Dualsword / Eternal Core Dualsword
    Dual Dagger: Skull Edge Dual Dagger / Mamba Edge Dual Dagger

    There are three new armor sets: Moirai, Vorpal, and Elegia. Each comes with its own version of Robe set, Light set, and Heavy set, as well as a set of jewelry.

    S80 High Grade: Moirai
    S84 High Grade: Vorpal
    S84 Highest Grade: Elegia

    • Moirai and Vesper Armor can be crafted.
    • Augmentation and PvP upgrades are available for most of these new items.
    • Vesper armor can be upgraded to Vesper Noble armor by exchanging Vesper Noble Enhance Stones to Maestro Ishuma.


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