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Revamped Hunting Grounds Lineage 2 Freya

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by L2S, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Plains of the Lizardmen
    Zone Type: Solo Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 83-84

    This area is now geared toward high-level players, and hunting here is optimal for archer classes.

    According to lore, the blood of the dragon Antharas has seeped into the ground of this area and transformed the local Lizardman population. The Tanta Lizardmen, as they are now called, are addicted to the toxic fumes emitted from strange glowing pillars.

    Characters in this zone experience the toxicity as a debuff: the Curse of the Plains. This debuff lowers a character's HP, but increases its bow/crossbow abilities.

    Herbs dropped in this region do not land on the ground as items. Instead, the herb buff effects are applied automatically after your character kills a creature.

    Certain lesser creatures in this area can help or hinder characters:
    • The Rainbow Frog contains an enzyme that counteracts the Curse of the Plains.
    • The Energy Plant restores 70% of your character's health.
    • When you kill a Smash Fungus, all nearby monsters rush to the spot where it died and are dazed for a few seconds. Once the daze wears off, these monsters attack the characters that killed the Smash Fungus.
    • The Sticky Mushroom recovers 90% of a character's HP but causes immobility for 5 seconds.
    The area boss Tanta Seer Ugoros can be defeated by a character player. The battle with him involves both his attacker and Ugoros using certain herbs to heal or hinder each other. This boss is involved in two new quests.

    Beast Farm
    Zone Type: Solo Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 83-84

    This area was originally for level 63+ characters, but it has been adjusted to suit high-level characters, and a number of new quests have been added in the area.
    Crystal Spice and Golden Spice icons and prices in this area have changed. The range of the spice effects has increased. Monsters can now be farmed for either experience or for Adena/items depending on the type of feed used on them. Characters can now purchase spice packs that contain up to 50 spices and a chance to obtain special feed. Special feed allows a character a chance to tame a monster with only one application.

    Grendels have been added to the list of monsters in this area that can be fed until they become temporary pets. Multiple tamed pets can now be used by a single character. To control tamed pets on the Beast Farm, the character must have a Bull Whip, which can be obtained for free from NPC Tunatun. Once a character has equipped the Bull Whip in a bracelet slot, it has access to four pet commands: Release, Release All, Follow, and Use Ability. Tamed beasts on the Beast Farm no longer heal or recharge.

    Pavel Ruins
    Zone Type: Solo or Party Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 70-72

    Pavel Ruins is the location of a large and ancient research center that Dwarf and Dark Elf Exploration Teams have been studying for a long time. The mad scientist, Dr. Chaos, has arrived in the Pavel Ruins and become obsessed by his creature creations, the Golem Corps. Dr. Chaos also created the Golem Corps of Horrors with the help a young Dwarf girl named Dorothy.

    The Strip Mines area is appropriate for solo characters. In the Strip Mines, after a monster's death, it is likely that additional monsters will appear near the dead monster.

    Dr. Chaos' Research Center is a group encounter.

    Monastery of Silence
    Zone Type: Solo or Party Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 83-84

    In this zone where peace and silence are prized, adventurers that are not armed with weapons may pass through without hostility from the monks. After a prolonged period of prayer and meditation, the priests of Einhasad who follow St. Solina have foreseen the end of the world. These priests pray to the gods to prevent this destruction. As if in answer to their prayers, a new angel has appeared in the top level of the Monastery. Rumor also says that a treasure is hidden between the Room of Secrets and Savior Solina herself. Adventurers that covet the Holy Grail might be lucky enough to find it here.

    A new mini-game has been added to this zone that involves lighting nine torches in the correct order inside the Room of Secrets.

    The raid fight with Master Anays has become more difficult.

    Seed of Annihilation
    Zone Type: Party Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 85
    The Seed of Annihilation is an enormous parasitic creature that absorbs bioenergy through its roots. Istina, the mother creator, is a conscious entity that inhabits the Seed. She has a symbiotic relationship with the land. She uses the energy that she siphons from the earth to create the creatures that inhabit her host. Reach this challenging and awe-inspiring area by flight or by airship from the Keucereus Alliance Base, located far to the south of the Gracia continent.
    The Seed of Annihilation is split into three areas: Bistakon, Reptilikon, and Kokracon. Players can hunt in these areas at all times, regardless of the Seed's status.

    Each area has its own raid boss. They appear are set times or can be triggered by continuous hunting in their area.

    • Bistakon: Taklacan
    • Reptilikon: Torumba
    • Cokrakon: Dopagen
    Entering each of these areas also bestows a buff that lets players inflict additional damage on the local monsters, depending on their class type.
    • The buffs are Efficacy of Strength (benefits melee classes), Efficacy of Agility (benefits archer classes), and Efficacy of Wisdom (benefits mage classes).
    • These buffs randomly are rearranged among the three areas at 1 p.m. CST every Monday. Thus, if Bistakon bestows the Efficacy of Strength buff one week, it will bestow a different buff the following week, and Efficacy of Strength will instead be available in one of the other two areas.
    Sealed Vesper materials can be obtained in the Seed of Annihilation.

    The new Maguen Pet can only be obtained inside the Seed of Annihilation. Speak to NPC Nemo for more information. Nemo is in front of the airship dock controller, just outside of the Seed.

    Maguen Plasma Buffs:
    • Speak to NPC Nemo to receive the Maguen Plasma Collection device. When a monster is killed in the Seed of Annihilation, a Wild Maguen has a chance of appearing.
    • The Wild Maguen will display one of three different particle effects above its head. The color of each effect corresponds to the three different kinds of plasmas that can be collected and applied to a character as a buff using the Maguen Plasma Collection device. There are a large variety of plasma buffs.
    • The Wild Maguen will interact with only one randomly chosen party member. That character has 10 seconds to use the Maguen Plasma Collection device on the Wild Maguen. When the device is used, the character receives a plasma buff. Plasma buffs can be heightened in intensity, reaching up to level 3 of the buff, by collecting more plasma from more Wild Maguens. If a character gets to level 3 of a plasma buff, that individual buff has a chance to bestow a beneficial partywide buff.
    • Maguen Plasma Collection devices have a chance to overload on use and remove all the Maguen Plasma Buffs that have been collected so far.
    • While collecting Maguen plasmas, a Maguen Pet summoning item may drop randomly.

    Sel Mahum Training Grounds
    Zone Type: Solo Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 83-84

    The once empty area south of Oren is now populated with ranks upon ranks of Sel Mahum soldiers that are constantly training for battle. After losing territory battles with their cousins, the Oel Mahum, the Sel Mahum are planning to claim the Plains of the Lizardmen.

    Many Sel Mahum soldiers operate on a daily schedule of eating, training, and resting. Their behavior follows their schedule.

    The Sel Mahum are trained to defend as a group. If one of them is attacked, all other Sel Mahums nearby come to the defense.

    Labyrinth of the Abyss
    Zone Type: Instanced Zone
    Recommended Level: 80-85

    Enter this level 83 instanced zone by speaking to Captain Mathias in Rune. The zone is reset at 6:30 a.m. CT every day.

    Steel Citadel
    Zone Type: Party Hunting Area
    Recommended Level: 83-85

    Characters now have the option to move between floors inside the Tower of Infinitum by speaking to teleporter NPCs. Characters now require Seal Breaker stones to access the floors where Demon Prince or Ranku are located.

    Freya & New Areas
    Zone Type: Raid Instance
    Recommended Level: 82-85
    Number of Players: 9-27
    Entrance NPC: Sirra (Custom Instance without quest chain) or Jinia
    Difficulty Modes: Normal and Extreme
    Instance Reset Time: 6:30 a.m. / Every Wednesday and Saturday
    Possible Rewards: Necklace of Freya / Bottle of Freya's Soul.
    *Bring the Bottle of Freya's Soul and a (normal mode) Necklace of Freya to Rafferty. In exchange, he gives you a Blessed Necklace of Freya.


    Freya is a new raid boss for Lineage II. According to lore, Freya used to be a kind princess named Felicia. Her political enemies betrayed her, and in an attempt to kill her, she was transformed into Ice Queen Freya instead. Her loyal servant, Sirra, was transformed into Ice Fairy Sirra. Freya disappeared for years, during which time Ice Fairy Sirra ruled over the Frozen Labyrinth. Now that Freya has returned to power, Sirra is no longer a raid boss in Lineage II.


    Zone Type: Raid Boss
    Recommended Level: 82-85

    Number of Players: 9-27
    Difficulty Modes: Common and Improved


    Zone Type: Raid Instance
    Recommended Level: 80-85
    Number of Players: 9-27
    Instance Reset Time: 6:30 a.m. / Every Wednesday and Saturday

    The raid boss Scarlet van Halisha is now level 85.

    Zone Type: Raid Instance
    Recommended Level: 78-85
    Number of Players: 9-27
    Instance Reset Time: 6:30 a.m. / Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    The Raid Boss Zaken (Daydream) is now level 83.

    Antharas and Valakas Changes
    Zone Type: Raid Zone
    Recommended Level: 85

    Both dragons are now significantly stronger and live longer, making them the most difficult kills in the game. Up to 200 characters can simultaneously challenge Antharas.

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