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Lineage 2 Player Commands

Discussion in 'Info and Tutorials' started by IreliaAviator, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Player commands provide additional actions that are not available through the in-game user interface. These commands can be entered by typing them in the chat window, followed by the parameter, if required.

    Some commands can also be used in the creation of macros.

    ! > [message] > Shout
    + > [message] > Trade
    # > [message] > Party
    @ > [message] > Clan
    $ > [message] > Alliance
    % > [message] > Hero Voice
    "[name] > [message] > Whisper

    Command Channel

    /channelinvite > [name] > Invite parties to command channel
    /channelkick > [name] > Expel a party from command channel
    /channeldelete > Disband the command channel
    /channelleave > Withdraw from command channel
    ` > [message] > Party leader chat
    `` > [message] > Raid leader screen message

    Friend and Ignore

    /friendlist > Display the friend list
    /friendinvite > [name] > Add a player to the friend list
    /frienddel > [name] > Remove a player from friend list
    /blocklist > List of blocked players
    /block > [name] > Add a player to the block list (ignore and stop trade)
    /unblock > [name] > Remove a player from the block list
    /allblock > Block whispers from all players
    /allunblock > Remove the whisper block
    /evaluate > Recommend another player

    GM and Petition

    /gm > [message] > Initiate a petition to the GM staff
    /gmcancel > Cancel a petition that has already been sent
    /gmlist > View a list of visible GMs
    /unstuck > Move a character that may be trapped

    Movement, Time, and Recording Gameplay

    /loc > Display current location in x, y, z
    /time > Display current in-game time
    /sit > Sit down
    /stand > Stand up
    /walk > Toggle walk on/off
    /run > Toggle run on/off
    /mountdismount > Mount or dismount a pet
    /start_videorecording > Begin recording gameplay
    /end_videorecording > Stop recording gameplay
    /startend_videorecording > Start/Stop recording gameplay


    /attack > [target] > Attack the target
    /attackforce > [target] > Force attack a target
    /attackstand > [target] > Attack while in a fixed position
    /target > [target] > Select target
    /targetnext > Select next attackable target
    /assist > [target] > Choose the selected target
    /olympiadstat > Displays the wins, defeats, and Olympiad points for the current period


    /invite > [name] > Invite to party
    /leave > Leave current party
    /dismiss > [name] > Dismiss from party
    /partymatching > Look for a party
    /partyinfo > Display information about the party
    /changepartyleader > Give authority to a party member (party leader only)


    /pickup > Pick up nearest object
    /trade > [target] > Trade with the player targeted
    /vendor > [item] > Set up a private store for selling
    /buy > [item] > Set up a private store for buying
    /dwarvenmanufacture > Set up a private Dwarven crafting store
    /generalmanufacture > Set up a private common crafting store
    /findprivatestore > [text] > Highlight private stores that match search criteria text
    /packagesale > Open a private store for package sale.


    /nick > Set your own title
    /enemylist > Display list of clans on which your clan has declared war but have not declared in return
    /attackerlist > Display list of opposing clans which have declared war on your clan that have not declared in return
    /warlist > Display list of opposing clans and friendly forces which have mutually declared war on one another
    /clanwarstart > Declare war against an enemy clan
    /clanwarstop > End a clan war
    /siegestatus > Lists clan members within the siege zone (Noblesse clan leaders only)
    /clanpenalty > View a list of any clan penalties


    /allyinvite > [target clan leader] > Invite a clan into an alliance
    /allydismiss > [clan] > Dismiss a clan from the alliance
    /allyleave > Leave an alliance
    /allydissolve > Dissolve the entire alliance
    /allycrest > Add the alliance crest
    /deletealliancecrest > Remove the alliance crest
    /allyinfo > Display alliance status


    /duel > [target] > Challenge another player to a one-on-one duel
    /partyduel > [target] > Challenge a group to a party duel
    /withdraw > End the duel early

    Instanced Dungeons

    /instancezone > Displays the time remaining before you can enter the instanced dungeons again.


    /summonattack > Commands a servitor to attack.
    /summonhold > Commands a servitor to maintain its position.
    /seritormove > Commands a servitor to move.
    /summonstop > Commands a servitor to stop.
    /unsummon > Dismisses a servitor.


    /petattack > Commands a pet to attack.
    /petmove > Commands a pet to move.
    /petrevert > Reverts a pet back to its item.
    /petcollect > Commands a pet to pick up an object.
    /pethold > Commands a pet to hold its position.
    /petstop > Commands a pet to stop.


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