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    Certification of Fate
    Start NPC and Zone: Your race master in the Town of Gludio

    Rewards: Adena, XP, SP, Proofs of Justice

    This quest can be done alone, however be sure you have all your skills learned, fresh buffs from the Newbie Helper NPC, have all your skills learned, plenty of Healing Potions, and at least a thousand Soulshots or Spiritshots. You must be level 38 or higher to accept this quest.

    Upon reaching level 38, find your race master NPC in the Town of Gludio and accept the quest Certification of Fate. The NPC will also teleport you straight to the Wastelands to get started on the quest, when you are ready.

    Go to the Wastelands
    Update your quest by talking to Renfad when you arrive in the Wastelands. Next, run north towards the quest marker on your Radar map. There you will see an NPC named Guard Joel fighting a monster called Regenerated Kanilov. Kill the monster then update your quest by speaking to Joel.

    Run southwest and up a small hill towards the quest marker on your Radar map. On your way you may draw agro from some monsters but they are easily defeated. Find Guard Schuazen, who is fighting a monster called Regenerated Poslof. Kill Poslof and update your quest by speaking to Schuazen.

    Kill Sakum
    Now that you’ve killed the two halves of Sakum (Poslof and Kanilov) it’s time to go after the big guy. Run south and then west until you reach the quest marker on your Radar map. There, Guard Selon is standing by as other guard NPCs fight Sakum.

    Depending on your class, you may want to get help from a friend or a party of players. If he hits you, Sakum often uses a skill called Sakum's Weapon which stuns you, cancels your target, and turns you away from him while he strikes you from behind.

    The best tactic is to try to avoid having him hit you.

    • If you're a fighter and close-quarters combat is your style, make use of your Ultimate Defense or Ultimate Evasion skills while you pummel him with melee attack skills.
    • If you're a mystic, use magic damage skills that have a low cast time and re-use time, and run around so that he can't hit you (this is known as "kiting").
    Any kind of skill that keeps him in place, and any kind of servitor or pet that joins in the fight also helps.


    Kill Sakum then update your quest by speaking to Selon.

    Return to Gludio
    Use a Scroll of Escape to return to Gludio and speak to your race master NPC. To complete the quest, you will be prompted to agree to become a new class, or to choose which new class to become. Having a choice depends on what class you are.

    What class do I choose now? Whenever you’re prompted to choose between different classes as part of a class transfer, you are making an important decision. The many paths evolve and sometimes split multiple times as you level up. If you are uncertain how to proceed, see the Races and Classes section for information on what classes your character can become.

    Congratulations, your character is now level 40, has a new class, and has gained Proofs of Justice!

    Proofs of Justice? When your character completes a class transfer, you are rewarded with Proofs of some sort (the name differs depending on the transfer level). Use these as currency to trade with your race master NPC for items specific to the grade for which your character just became eligible. In this case, use Proofs of Justice to trade for C-grade weapons, armor, and accessories.

    Although you can use the Proofs of Justice to obtain permanent C-grade armor, weapons and accessories, it’s highly recommended that you instead use the free C-grade armor, weapons and accessories of higher quality and stats fromyour customized Path to Awakening. Your reward for reaching level 20 and passing your first class transfer is a 30-Day C-grade Weapon Pack. Your reward for reaching level 40 and passing your second class transfer is a 30-Day C-grade Armor Pack with accessories. Together, you should have all the equipment you need in order to get to B-grade at level 53. As for the Proofs of Courage, you can trade them in for equipment and either use the equipment or sell it.