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Awarded Medals

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  1. Awarded: Feb 2, 2019

    Santa Hat

    This award is only obtainable during the Christmas Event.
    Reason: Congrats for your participation on Winter Events from Lineage 2 Scarlet between 11 Dec, 2018 and 11 Jan, 2019.

  2. Awarded: Jun 27, 2018


    You survived.
    Reason: Congrats!

  3. Awarded: Jun 27, 2018

    Royal Heart

    Given to users who constantly help around Lineage 2 Scarlet Community and are respected.
    Reason: Congrats!

  4. Awarded: Jun 7, 2018

    Summer Award

    Obtainable during the Summer.
    Reason: It's summer time! You've been awarded with this awesome seasonal medal! :)